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Survey IACW

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    Establishing International Association:

    1. What do you think of the creation of an International Association?

    2. Would you want to be involved in the founding of the International Association (impartial)?

    3. If so, are you able/and do you have the financial resources and time to take at least two times a year out to travel to a founding location in Europe?

    4. Would you (impartial) like to participate as a representative of your country/region?

    5. Do you store chemical substances or do you represent a company that stores chemicals and would you like to (no obligation) join the Association (membership 1200 per year)?

    International quality mark:

    6. Do you represent a storage keeper for chemical substances?

    7. If so, are you interested in testing/certifying your storage facilities, which would give you a sticker on the door stating Chemicalstorage-OK, logo on the website and a certificate. And all that at a reasonable cost and international exposure?

    8. Do you represent a certification body or consultancy firm with knowledge of the storage of hazardous substances in your country/region?

    9. If so, in your country/region would you like to certify storers of chemicals and be a representative of the quality mark (you're still not bound to anything)?